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Steal This Vote

So how’s that election thing going? Well, judging by the lede at Huffington Post this morning, it’s not going very well in Florida, where the tea tide hit like a tsunami in 2010: Restrictive measures were not enough for the … Continue reading

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Karl Rove’s Electronic Voting Empire

I would love to be attending this presser, because I have been informed through the grapevine that some very illuminating facts are being presented in Washington, DC right now. I will update this post as soon as I have further … Continue reading

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Honey, I Found the Voter Registration Fraud

There is a dire psychological projection to the fraudulent war on fraudulent voting. Because the actual, real, not-imaginary examples of systematic voter registration fraud always bear a Republican stamp. Brad Friedman has the details: The head of a firm which … Continue reading

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South Carolina’s AG is Full of Crap

Alan Wilson, South Carolina’s AG (pictured right) has notified the US Justice Department of 953 cases of possible vote fraud. Mind you, South Carolina is in near-open revolt these days over a voter ID law that shamelessly reduces minority participation … Continue reading

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Honey, I Found the Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

It’s all projection. Republicans keep trying to pass new, restrictive measures that suppress the vote — ID bills, poll tests, birth certificate requirements, etc. — on the grounds that rampant voter fraud undermines the democratic process. Of course, they mean … Continue reading

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Defeat Strategy: Play With Fire

At the local Republican campaign headquarters today trying to learn something about the way Republicans are organizing, I spoke with two very affable gentlemen very concerned about the president’s birth certificate, a supposed flood of illegal immigrants that has been … Continue reading

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SC Dem Winner Story Gets Stranger

Mr. Greene becomes less plausible by the hour: I’m reminded of a story the late Tony Hillerman told about an incumbent candidate in the desert southwest who paid a Hispanic man to run against him, thereby dividing the Hispanic vote … Continue reading

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Busy Evening

There’s not a whole lot of time tonight for original writing, but two big articles showed up today, and you should give them your attention. Those wretched email smears about Obama? The New York Times (finally!) exposes their author, who … Continue reading

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