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Why History Channel Sucks

Cable is a dead landscape. One of the deadest channels is the one allegedly devoted to things dead people did. I love history, but I generally hate the History Channel — and this short video perfectly captures the reasons why.

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Morning Awful: Gaga’s “Issue” Video

Lady Gaga transformed to plastic with Telephone and her new album wasn’t as good as Monster. I’m guessing the VMAs had to make up a new award category before the show, as “best video with a message” is as generic … Continue reading

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Drive-In Food Horror Open Thread

Quite possibly the most deliciously wrong thing I’ve seen on the internet in a week: movie theatre food characters become the damned. This is an open thread to raise funds for the blog, too, because I don’t have a concession … Continue reading

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Kill Your Television

It seems the big, new threat is your old, heavy television. The rate of injury by falling TV sets has hit a new high: A team from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio … Continue reading

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Beyonce Dance Moves Killing CNN

CNN has fallen to last place in primetime: CNN fell to fourth with an average of 190,000 A25-54 viewers in primetime in October, just behind sister network HLN, which averaged 191,000 A25-54 viewers in primetime. Fox News won the prime … Continue reading

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Television Is The Reason We Are Dumb

David Simon, creator of the hit HBO series The Wire, almost makes the link: Simon, whose work originates on US subscription cable channel HBO, said: “Only when television managed to liberate itself from the economic construct of advertising was there … Continue reading

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Cable is Dead: Makeover Edition

No, no… I’m not complaining about Comcast. This is about branding mistakes, and Richard Laermer has a great post over at HuffPo about cable channel makeovers that should never happen. Here’s what he thinks has happened: A branding company sauntered … Continue reading

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Video Is Dead

NBC President Jeff Zucker: (The) initial idea of Hulu was to not suffer the fate music suffered. We had the same feeling as News Corp., and that’s why we came together. We wanted to create one aggregation site “that trained … Continue reading

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Video is Dead

You’ll have noticed several blog entries here like this one: Print is dead. Long live the internet! Now, it’s not that printing presses will go suddenly still tomorrow, with all information transmitted by electrons thereafter. No one is about to … Continue reading

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