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Where Dreams Are Watered Down

Part 1 of 3.

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A Brief History of the Filibuster

While writing about the Teabag Terror town hall disruptions at the Washington Post, Harold Meyerson offers a concise history of the filibuster. I rarely clip a passage this long. The rise of the filibuster should give constitutional originalists some pause. … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal has analyzed the nay votes on health care reform legislation in the Senate committee. To no one’s surprise, Those members who voted “no” today have received $1.1 million more on average from the health sector since 1989 than those … Continue reading

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If Harry Reid had a Spine

I could bring a bill to clotureAnd heed the will of votersEnding gridlock-grind;For sixty votes I’d muster;There’d be no filibusterIf I only had a spine! Agendas would be simpleAnd leftward of the middlePassing in good time;Oh, the bills we would … Continue reading

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