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The Margaret Thatcher I Remember

Thatcher, who famously said “there is no society, only families,” was mainly successful at atomizing and attacking the society she denied existed while pretending to fly a flag of freedom over it. Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Blacklist

Forty-four UK construction firms paid a “consultant” named Ian Kerr to keep thousands of names on a worker blacklist. While the Information Commissioner broke up the concern in 2009, little has happened since then and Kerr has paid only a … Continue reading

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Some Gentle Home Truths for Our British Friends

The British hate to be called on their faults. After all, they were our colonial masters who treated us like second-class citizens whilst taxing us like first class fools. They reserve the right to maintain the imperial high ground in … Continue reading

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Cheating Isn’t Cheating When the British Do It

The British love to paint the Americans as sore losers and whingers, but BBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympics proves that their sports coverage is just as puerile, dire and unprofessional as any political cable news broadcast in the … Continue reading

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The BBC Is Not Necessarily the Best Because It’s Live

The Olympics have started. That’s something that is never forgotten in England (as opposed to Great Britain) because England doesn’t have a national holiday where Englishness can be celebrated. It’s bad form to celebrate Englishness these days in Britain. Really, … Continue reading

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Mitt Masters Coded Language: A Euphemism for “White”

It’s Olympic Week in the UK. That’s the time to show stuff of Empire and how the Brits taught the world how to organise properly … well, that last bit’s a lie if their security shambles is proof of anything. Seriously, … Continue reading

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An Olympic Uniform for Republicans

So, Ralph Lauren has designed the US Olympic Team’s Opening Ceremony uniforms. See below:- As the Olympics is being held in two weeks’ time here in the land of the perenniel losers, dingy and wet summers and same-sex private education, … Continue reading

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Happy Fourth from an ExPat Living in the Land of the Losers

For my sins, I married a Brit. For my most grievous sins, I was condemned to spend the better (or really, the worst) part of my adult life in the land of those who lost the Revolutionary War. It’s a … Continue reading

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If You Want to Know How Paul Ryan’s Budget Will Work, Look at the UK

Martin Bashir shows us all exactly what would happen if Paul Ryan’s budget becomes the law of the land. Because it’s the law of the land in Britain, who – today – officially announced it’s in double dip recession. By … Continue reading

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Britain’s False Moral High Ground

In all the years I’ve lived in the UK, the intellectual talking heads who populate the media’s talking points programs have revelled in the fact that, according to them, Britain was a far more tolerant society than wicked, evil, racist … Continue reading

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Another Brits’-Eye View of Racism

When my Facebook friend Imani Gandy, who blogs as Angry Black Lady, announced on her timeline yesterday that she was being interviewed for BBC World Service’s Newshour, I made a point to listen. For those of you in the US, … Continue reading

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