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Morning Awful: House of Orange

John Boehner is really, really bad at his job. His own caucus hates his transportation bill. He’s tried three different approaches, each of them worse than the last. His latest iteration would gut federal pensions, which has nothing to do … Continue reading

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Unions as a Rational Response

My friend Todd Farally wrote a DailyKos diary about his union shop: One of my brothers in Local 19 who we’ll call Jim (not his real name) told me his wife went in for a checkup and ended up needing … Continue reading

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One Of These Things Is Exactly Like The Others

Magic Love Hose makes comics for He lives in Canada where he can lob grenades into America’s political process from Minimum Safe Distance. This is his Twitter. Say hi.

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I Am On The Side Of Verizon Workers

During the recovery, American companies turned to sucking their own blood. By laying off workers, making the rest do more, and using interns as unpaid labor, CEOs claimed the savings as “profit” and awarded themselves bonuses. Apparently, Verizon has gotten … Continue reading

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The Union Agenda

Who needs card check? The National Labor Relations Board will revamp the rules on union votes: The board’s most recent annual report says 1,619 unionization elections were held in fiscal year 2009, with unions winning 63.8 percent of them. Business … Continue reading

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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome, Unionize

Unions have to adapt to the new theater of conflict, which is the whole world – if they don’t, then they will be flanked and outgunned and blamed for problems they are meant to solve, but aren’t large enough to. Continue reading

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Beck Praises Nurses, Trashes Their Union

Glenn Beck was hospitalized with appendicitis on Wednesday. Thursday, he tweeted praise for his “AMAZING drs/nurses” — even though the nursing staff are members of a union Beck despises. Alexander Zaitchik explains at Alternet: The quality of care he is … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake

So just days after Bank of America Corp. got another $25 billion bailout from the taxpayer, they used some of that money to hold a conference call with business leaders and conservative activists. The subject? How to stop America’s retail … Continue reading

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