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Suggestion for the AP Manual

In describing Congressman Alan Grayson Saturday, New York Times writer David M. Herszenhorn commits a malapropism with the term “wingnut”: wing nut — a loud darling of cable television and talk radio whose remarks are outrageous but often serious enough … Continue reading

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Anonymous said … Wow… some people just need to stop hating on Glenn Beck.. cause we all know he’s one of the last few people on tv that actually have common sense left. Just coz somebody constantly disagrees with all … Continue reading

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Wingnut Quote of the Week

Rep Allen Boyd (D-Fla.)says that “people are scared” of health care reform. After chronicling his approach to town halls, the Politico describes an attendee in need of a tinfoil hat: “They want to take over our life,” insisted Elaine Thompson … Continue reading

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Orly Taitz Deconstructed

This being a website of media deconstruction, I have developed a hypothesis that the entire canon of wingnuttia can be distilled into three overlapping and mutually-supporting parts: Teh Crazy™, Teh Wacky™, and Teh Stupid™. Definitions are still somewhat fluid at … Continue reading

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