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(UPDATE) GOP Doubles Down on Drug Tests

Remember Florida Governor Rick Scott’s drug testing-for-welfare program? It worked very well as a subsidy for medical testing companies, but didn’t actually save the state any money (see above). Now, Congressional Republicans are trying to expand the failed Florida program … Continue reading

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Dispelling Unemployment Myths

Via Arthur Delaney at HuffPo, a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco study of unemployment extension and UI benefits: (R)eceiving UI is not a requirement in order for an individual to be counted as unemployed in official government statistics.

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Reid Stiffens, Divides His Forces

Reporting for HuffPo, Ryan Grim describes the new Harry Reid. After doing away with Baucus’s horrible Finance Committee jobs bill, Reid explained: The new bill drops disaster assistance and extensions of unemployment insurance and COBRA health-insurance subsidies, all Democratic priorities … Continue reading

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Bush Economic Legacy Gets Even Better

Hot on the tail of the news that the United States has actually been in a recession since December of 2007 comes the announcement that the country has actually been slumping since at least 2005. The housing bubble wasn’t just … Continue reading

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