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A Case Study In Wingnut Welfare: Think Freely Media

The “dark money ATM” behind the tea party movement created TFM to provide cushy positions and deals that are completely divorced from those “free market principles” that the tea party movement constantly espouses. Continue reading

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Just Like Bush, the Series

Obama signed an executive order yesterday setting new rules for when government agencies can classify documents. According to NPR, the measure includes some important transparency rules and will declassify hundreds of millions of documents. Because he’s, you know, just like … Continue reading

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Time to Audit the Federal Reserve

What’s the one thing Barney Frank and Ron Paul can agree on? That it’s time to audit the Federal Reserve. Frank: “They have had since 1932… the right to intervene in the economy almost whenever they” wanted to, Frank said, … Continue reading

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Is China a Potemkin Economy?

Economists have long suspected China’s official economic data was worthless. Now the official numbers have gotten so out of sync that no one believes them anymore. From Reuters: The Global Times, controlled by the People’s Daily, the Communist party mouthpiece, … Continue reading

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