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Saturday Afternoon TV: Cyberpunk

The cyberpunk genre had a remarkably-short shelf-life. Within a decade of its inauguration by writers like William Gibson, who coined the term “cyberspace,” cyberpunk had ceased to be fiction and become the news. Yet science fiction wrestled with the issues … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Has Changed Our Software

This is just like an eight year-old me sitting at my grandfather’s manual typewriter and asking him where the “on” button was located.

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Zinnia Jones On The Transhuman Movement

Towards the end of a weeklong series of afternoon posts on transhumanism, I emailed Zinnia Jones, a YouTube personality who spoke out in one of the videos I ran, to ask some questions related to the transhumanist movement. Her answers … Continue reading

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Reaction to Transhumanism

One reaction to transhumanism is fear: of potential abuse and misuse of technology, of further erosion in cultural values, of change to the very definition of human. Critics call it “playing god,” and indeed transhumanism does offer tremendous challenges to … Continue reading

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Why Zinnia Jones is a Transhumanist

Zinnia Jones is a YouTube sensation. She is also a transhumanist. In this video, Jones renders an excellent brief for the transhumanist movement as a positive philosophy of hope for the future — and the intellectual descendant of positive philosophies … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Videodrome

In 1983, David Cronenberg directed a seminal film on the subject of transhumanism: Videodrome, in which technology affects our biology and virtual reality becomes the real. The unforgettable closing sequence has become a pivotal moment in the cyberpunk genre.

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Transhumanism and Resurrection

Remember when George W. Bush inveighed against the threat of human-animal hybrids during a State of the Union speech? Most observers were left scratching their heads. It makes perfect sense as culture war, however. Religious fundamentalism faces a severe test … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Gaga’s “Issue” Video

Lady Gaga transformed to plastic with Telephone and her new album wasn’t as good as Monster. I’m guessing the VMAs had to make up a new award category before the show, as “best video with a message” is as generic … Continue reading

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