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Now Would Be A Good Moment For Tim Geithner to Crave More Time With His Family

The attempted rescue of Lehman Bros. apparently amounted to the Fed buying shit securities: “The Fed legally is forbidden from taking such assets. There’s a legal requirement that the Fed’s assets be investment grade,” Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) told HuffPost. … Continue reading

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Et Tu, Greenspan?

Back about 1990 or so, the US Post Office raised the price of a stamp to 29 cents to universal opprobrium. About that time, a cartoon appeared in the Maryville, TN newspaper. It shows people lined up in front of … Continue reading

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Will Banking Bring Bipartisanship?

After three weeks of GOP-fed media narrative proclaiming Obama’s economic stimulus an epic fail, the coverage suddenly turned positive this weekend. The press woke up to the enormous victory Obama has scored despite intense obstructionism from the right. Rhetoric about … Continue reading

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A Bailout We Can Believe In?

I must admit, I find Geithner’s plan for a bad bank intriguing. While I’m not prepared to jump to conclusions just yet, it sounds like something Bill Clinton and Bill Gates put together: the government will organize America’s richest Americans … Continue reading

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