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Stretching To Blame Government

It seems I am the only letter-writer my local newspaper has ever fact-checked. This is classic Alabama wingnut run rampant: First, I will confess I am not an oil driller, but I was trained as a physicist and have some … Continue reading

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From the Department of Couldn’t-See-It-Coming

Dr. William Roddy, a Florence, Alabama psychiatrist, has been arrested along with his wife, a few piles of cash, and lots of pills. All those who are surprised may now raise their hands. No? This is why I shake my … Continue reading

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I can’t believe I’m actually reading this: FLORENCE – The TimesDaily is asking a Lauderdale County Circuit judge to temporarily halt the sale of Coffee Health Group and its assets to a private company until documents related to the sale … Continue reading

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Biographical Quote

DANIEL GILES/TimesDaily “Call me a traitor, tell me to shut up and sit silent while the republic is ruined, and I’ll show you the symbol of freedom located between my index and ring fingers. And I will be anything but … Continue reading

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The One They Didn’t Print

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Times Daily didn’t run my response to this tinfoil-hat hackery. To the Editor: Lawrence Swift blames a “shallow, misinformed and apathetic citizenry” for “acquiescence in the face of egregious usurpations of power.” For “shallow, misinformed and … Continue reading

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My Birthday Present from the Times Daily

They printed my letter! Yay! Just last night at the steakhouse where my family took me for birthday dinner, two fans stopped to introduce themselves and say how much they liked my letters to the editor, and I had to … Continue reading

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The One They Didn’t Print

To the Editor: In 2001, unemployment stood at four percent. Less than thirteen percent of Americans lived below the poverty line. Only one-half of one percent of homeowners faced foreclosure. Seventeen million Americans relied on food stamps. The treasury saw … Continue reading

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Letter to the Times Daily

This letter ran today in the Times Daily. It’s a response to a classic of hooplehead wisdom from a Mr. Jimmy Wayne Cosby. (Don’t serial killers go by all three names?) Wayne Cosby has a habit of using the president-elect’s … Continue reading

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Obama’s Birth Certificate

It appears that I will spend the next eight years shooting down letter-writers to the Times Daily who perpetuate stupid myths about the president-elect. Tonight I’m working on a reply to this gem. I’ll post it here when it’s done.

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Letter to the Times Daily (UPDATE)

To the Editor: In the wake of this paper’s unexpected endorsement of Barack Obama, two letters appeared on this page Wednesday. Thank you for printing them. That page has been preserved for posterity, placed in a time capsule so future … Continue reading

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