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"Mistakes Were Made"

There’s been some discussion elsewhere about Lake Superior State University’s annual list of banished words. One phrase I would like to see banished is “mistakes were made,” which is both passive (as if to suggest the speaker did not make … Continue reading

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Gates Is Not Signalling

This AP story at HuffPo uses the wrong lede: WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert Gates said any new U.S. forces President Barack Obama sends to Afghanistan could move into the country swiftly, despite logistical hassles that force almost all major … Continue reading

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Stimulus Economics

Last time you went shopping, how many jobs did you create? You have no way of knowing how your dollar turned up, or with whom, or what they did with it. But as Obama’s stimulus jobs report comes out today, … Continue reading

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Why Lieberman Will Fail

I wish some enterprising journalist would ask Joe Lieberman why he wants to spend $100 billion extra on health care reform. This inconvenient fact has slipped by the media in Beltway Village, and like most facts it has a liberal … Continue reading

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Obama Still Pushing For Public Option

College students are among the most vulnerable Americans when it comes to health care coverage, so it’s little wonder to hear them screaming for a public option. But what I find most interesting is that Obama is still pushing the … Continue reading

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Public Option: The Bargaining Stage

There’s no better barometer of village wisdom than the Washington Post. Today, the headline is all about how their polls show Obama can get health care reform passed if he’ll just drop the silly idea of a public option: (A)fter … Continue reading

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Meet The Press: Deathwatch

David Gregory continues to strangle the longest-running show in TV history: “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” was number one on Sunday, August 2 in both total viewers and the Adults 25-54 demographic, the first time the ABC Sunday morning show … Continue reading

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WH Press Corps Threatens to Get Adversarial

Print reporters in DC complained today that Obama is slighting their Very Serious Reporting by talking to TV journalists and diminishing their Very Important Role by speaking to bloggers. Of course, that’s what Obama has been doing since he started … Continue reading

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Failure Is Not An Option

Today, Obama issued his strongest challenge yet on health care: Rumors of health care reform’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. Health industry ad campaigns aren’t even mentioning the public option anymore. The Gang of Six includes Olympia Snowe, who told … Continue reading

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Press Fail

When Mark Sanford got back from Argentina, he had lots of messages waiting from reporters. Here are a couple from David Gregory, inheritor of that televisual institution known as Meet The Press: Left you a message. Wanted you to hear … Continue reading

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Be Seeing You, Number Six

Patrick MacGoohan, known to his fans as “Number Six,” passed away Tuesday. He was 80 years old. What terrific irony that he died one week to the day before the end of a presidency that brought his seminal TV creation … Continue reading

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