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Arizona Drinks Fluoride-Free Kool-Aid

A radical fringe conspiracy theory has become Arizona state law: “Agenda 21″ is the new FEMA death camps. Tinfoil hat, Glenn Beck-addled Republicans are in charge of an American state legislature; before they’re done, Jan Brewer may have signed legislation … Continue reading

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Peace Through Superior Firepower

Orwell said that pistols and rifles were inherently democratic weapons. What he meant by the statement is that a pistol makes a five-foot tall female state trooper as deadly as anyone else. So when the guardians of democracy come under … Continue reading

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The Paranoid Universe

Last June, the New York Times took a look at the present-day John Birch Society: Yet for others, the John Birch Society is urgently relevant to the matters of today, in its support of secure borders and limited government, its … Continue reading

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