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Morning Awful: Malkin Malevolence

Did you know that making fun of John McCain by photoshopping bloody fangs into his mouth is exactly the same as calling for “Second Amendment remedies”? Or that Ron Paulite-9/11 “truthers” assaulting a Laura Bush fan in a wheelchair are … Continue reading

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Anchor Babies Aweigh

If health care reform made the right regress to 1965, immigration reform has them going back to 1865 and the Fourteenth Amendment. In response, immigration reform advocates are putting the children out front. That’s a good strategy — but for … Continue reading

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Teabaggers Failing

The wingnutosphere is restless; right-wing netizens seem to be in a mood for choking games with Michael Steele’s cash flow: Earlier today, conservative blogger Michelle Malkin published one of what has become a series of posts about previous donors to … Continue reading

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Attack of the Wingnut Zombies (or, He’s Still Got This)

The tea party has shouted abuse at a disabled man and attacked the veracity of 11-year old children. There is no low to which the teabagging does not sink. I blame Michelle Malkin for this behavior — “Going Galt,” indeed. … Continue reading

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Death Of A Culture Warrior

Oral Roberts, inventor of the “prosperity gospel” movement, is dead. He was 91. Roberts began his evangelist career with the common, hackneyed huckster-healing act; but through national television broadcasting, Roberts would command the faithful to send him tens of millions … Continue reading

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My Second-Ever YouTube Video

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Olympics Nontroversy

President Obama is flying to Denmark to lobby the International Olympic Committee to pick Chicago as the 2016 Summer Olympics venue? Must be time for a nontroversy! And indeed, Matt Drudge is always willing to oblige, with EXCLAMATION POINT! A … Continue reading

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White Power March In Illinois

Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin ascribed racial motivations to the Belleville, Ill. bus beating — motivations denied by the local police. After whipping up all that nontroversy, both Malkin and Limbaugh can claim partial credit for a “white power” march … Continue reading

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Racist Fearmongering

Yesterday, Michelle Malkin called that video “absolutely horrifying for any parent to watch.” As a parent, I agree. But then Malkin went on to say: reports that police say the black-on-white student beating was completely unprovoked and racially motivated. … Continue reading

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Malkin’s Sanitized Tea Party

Michelle Malkin eagerly posted pictures and video on her website, (perhaps the most ironic website URL in the history of the internet) to “prove” that two million people marched on Washington Saturday. Her choice of material is devoid of … Continue reading

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The Malkin Malevolence

The Malkin Malevolence is at it again, accusing the president of trying to “re-brand 9/11 as a national service/eco-zealot propaganda day.” She’s referring to the AmeriCorps expansion which Chuck Schumer hailed thusly: “Sept. 11 should not only be a day … Continue reading

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