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Bob McDonnell’s Tortured Response and the Origins of Cheneyism

In his response to the president’s SOTU last night — before a curiously packed and well-coached statehouse — Virginia’s new governor took up the anti-Obama mantle. Not only did his remarks remarkably seem off-key, considering the president’s actual speech, but … Continue reading

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The End of Bipartisanship

Bloomberg, quoting Tom Dascle, says that Obama is ready to give up on “bipartisanship.” The president is losing patience with negotiations between three Democrats and three Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, the only congressional panel seeking a bipartisan consensus … Continue reading

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Culture Wars Can Never be Won

Can someone write a peace treaty for the Culture Wars already? It’s a metaphor gone bad. We have declared war on too many things: terror, drugs, crime, you name it. The word “war” has lost all meaning. Pat Buchanan declared … Continue reading

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