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Sarah Denies, Rumors Persist

Palin is a Train Wreck that has whistled past Denial Station. The pajamas-clad liberal blogger who first broke the story turns out to be a kindergarten teacher. He still insists his story is dead accurate, even though Sarah Palin’s lawyers … Continue reading

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Morning Truckers

Much to my surprise — and delight — I have tickets to see these guys tonight. Lyrics to We Ain’t Never Gonna Change by The Drive By Truckers Let this be a lesson to you girl: Don’t come around where … Continue reading

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John McCain and George Wallace

Rep. John Lewis caused a dust-up this weekend by comparing the rhetoric of McCain and Palin rallies to George Wallace. McCain took umbrage, sending his campaign manager to declare on Faux Noise: “The idea that you’re going to compare John … Continue reading

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