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Sen. Byrd Discovers Coal

Robert C. Byrd is the oldest living Senator and a lifelong friend of big coal, but yesterday you would think he was just finding out about America’s dirtiest secret. Byrd blasted the biggest coal company in his home state of … Continue reading

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Clean Coal is a Dirty Lie

Via Oliver Willis: One whopper the industry rep tells in this video: that we can’t get away from coal. The truth is that we not only can, but must — we’re already at peak coal. Indeed, Appalachia is already beyond … Continue reading

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Ending Mountaintop Removal

I have to admit that I didn’t know much about this subject. But my hosts here in Pittsburgh are passionately devoted to ending the practice of coal mining through mountaintop removal, so I’ve had quite an education this week. Being … Continue reading

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Peak Coal?

You know all those coal commercials that tell us we have a 250-year supply of coal? According to Grist magazine editor David Roberts, the industry made that number up: (R)ates of fossil-fuel production are not, indeed cannot physically be, static. … Continue reading

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