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On Shootings At Fort Hood And The Era Of Suicide Attacks

I’d rather take this opportunity to write about the history of gun violence in and around Fort Hood, because I was there for some of it, and it feels important to talk about it today. Continue reading

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The Lost Horizon Hypothesis: Did Xinjiang Separatists Hijack Flight MH370? (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Scrutiny of the pilots of Flight MH370 has intensified, but nothing so far disproves┬áthe Lost Horizon hypothesis, not even a homemade flight simulator. To my mind, the clarified timeline of events supports a scenario in which the pilots acted … Continue reading

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The Zelikow Memorandum

The newly-unearthed Zelikow memorandum is interesting as historic record, like the dissenting opinion in an 8-1 Supreme Court decision. There has been some speculation that it provides a “smoking gun” to reopen the possibility of criminal prosecutions for torture, but … Continue reading

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Big Government at Guantanamo

Let’s say there’s a dangerous dog in your neighborhood. Nearby are two agencies, one with a truck that has a cage in the back and experienced professionals who catch dogs all the time. The other doesn’t normally deal with loose … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Missing SAMs

This is actually a threat. I experienced a SAM scare on a MAC flight into Kuwait once; it wasn’t fun, and it happened more than four years before the war with al-Qaeda was even on the horizon for most Americans. … Continue reading

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Progressives Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Having cut the purse strings for civilian trials, Congress left the DoJ with only two choices: (a) continue to hold Gitmo subjects indefinitely, without trial, or (b) try them in military courts. The result today is a lot of angry … Continue reading

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Preexisting Failure

How Republicans reacted to the news that accused embassy bomber Ahmed Ghailani has been found not guilty on almost all charges: U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said Wednesday’s verdict confirms that the Obama … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Care For Latter-Day Socialists

Actual, real, not-imaginary ones, I mean. This is stupid conspiracy-mongering of the first order: It is impossible to determine how much is fact and how much is fiction in the ever-expanding claims being made regarding two packages from Yemen allegedly … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon TV: Hijacked History

I’d hoped to be able to include Ted Koppel’s piece at BBC America tonight, but it’s not available in embeddable format yet (note to BBC: why?). So here’s Ted Koppel in his WaPo op-ed the other day: The attacks of … Continue reading

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Evil Mushrooms

With those black berets and khaki masks, these members of ETA look very much like evil mushrooms. Don’t they? Even more so when you don’t darken the image to make them look scary: The terrorist group ETA is the KKK … Continue reading

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Pederasty and Violence

A disturbing report that shows it’s not just the girls who’ll suffer in the new Afghanistan: For centuries, Afghan men have taken boys, roughly 9 to 15 years old, as lovers. Some research suggests that half the Pashtun tribal members … Continue reading

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