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If Amos’n Andy Were White …

Remember Amos’n Andy, that television show in the 1950s with an all-black cast? Did you ever wonder what Amos’n Andy and all their friends and associates would be like if they were white? Here they are, from both sides of … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Reality

She’s flirted with tea party televangelism; now she wants her own reality show. Somehow, it seems to me the natural end of the Sarah Palin story is a non-reality-based “reality show.” Think “John and Kate” with extra moose-hunting. What’s sad … Continue reading

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Kill Your Television

It seems the big, new threat is your old, heavy television. The rate of injury by falling TV sets has hit a new high: A team from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio … Continue reading

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Fringe Returns Thursday

Leaving aside the subject of politics (fringe and all), I am totally stoked that Fringe returns Thursday night. In case you missed the season finale, here it is. If you missed the whole damn season, then dive right in and … Continue reading

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