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Answering Ron Helgemo

Local op-ed writer Ron Helgemo lets his curiosity get the better of him and asks: Do liberals really believe the federal government is the only option available to care for the poor? A better question would be how Helgemo would … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Estes

I read your missive to the president, and once again feel it necessary to repeat that despite being a veteran myself, I don’t put much stock in those whose primary qualification is listed as “veteran” because what follows is generally … Continue reading

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Dear Major Keller

Sir, I just read your rant at Real Clear Politics, and I don’t imagine it will help your career; the Army doesn’t have time for bullshit identity politics, much less trash like this: Jihadist rhetoric espoused by Hasan was categorically … Continue reading

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Hey Rush Limbaugh! Want Cheese With That Whine?

Dear Rush Limbaugh, Whining about the death of your NFL ownership dream, you deny ever making racist statements. You focus on two untrue things being said about you while conveniently neglecting this. And this. And this. And this. And this. … Continue reading

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I have yet to receive a response. Okay, call me cruel but I just had to poke the bull. Well, “sane” people? What do you think?

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Anonymous said … Wow… some people just need to stop hating on Glenn Beck.. cause we all know he’s one of the last few people on tv that actually have common sense left. Just coz somebody constantly disagrees with all … Continue reading

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Dear Lynn Jenkins

Dear Lynn Jenkins, R-Whitehope: I was ready to give you the benefit of the doubt. When you apologized for saying the GOP needs to find a “great white hope” to take on the Democrats, I was ready to believe it … Continue reading

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Dear David Hedrick

Sir, I, too, am a disabled veteran of the armed forces, though I see no need to make ostentatious mention of that in public. For it has been my observation that when a man prefaces his remarks this way, bullshit … Continue reading

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Dear Gun Hugger

The wingnuttosphere is doing a pee-pee dance over MSNBC’s editing of an Arizona town hall gunman “to conceal his race.” But there are only two reasons to bring an assault rifle to a health care town hall meeting: either you … Continue reading

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Dear Glenn Beck (OFFENSIVE)

Warning! Extremely offensive material below! Dear Mr. Beck, Calling President Obama a racist makes you look incredibly stupid, especially when you correct yourself to say he isn’t a racist and then call him a racist again. To be sure, Glenn, … Continue reading

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