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The Teleprompter Cries

“Things Could Be Worse,” is the best webcomic you’re not reading, unless you’re already reading it, in which case, well done, you.

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What’s Wrong With Wingnuts, In A Nutshell

They double down on the absolutism and purge their party in the process. Demanding purity, they lobby for a retrograde agenda. Weigel points to three planks in Maine’s new GOP platform: – Return to the principles of Austrian Economics, and … Continue reading

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Teh Stupid™ Must Be Destroyed

I am dealing with wingnuts of left AND right persuasion all over my newest YouTube offer. My favorite so far: Wingnut: Why didnt the building come down in seconds like WTC buildings at 9/11. uummm thats weird. I guess the … Continue reading

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Lone Teabagger Crowded By Cameras

This is infuriating. As I’ve chronicled since August, it doesn’t matter how many people show out to support a progressive cause — even the local paper will ignore the largest of marches. But let one lone teabagger show up to … Continue reading

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Health Care Gulag Archipelago

I’ll give Sen. Cornyn, R-Dreamland, a cookie if he can pronounce Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s name correctly.

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Taking On The Banana

I like watching college students defeat Teh Stupid™.

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Stimulus Economics

Last time you went shopping, how many jobs did you create? You have no way of knowing how your dollar turned up, or with whom, or what they did with it. But as Obama’s stimulus jobs report comes out today, … Continue reading

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Steele is a Cow on the Tracks

Michael Steele says he is a cow on the tracks, trying to derail the train of health care reform: Steele might want to rethink that analogy. Responding, ThinkProgress reminds us that cows usually die when they get hit by trains. … Continue reading

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Following Glenn Beck

Just for fun, I decided to “follow” Glenn Beck on Twitter yesterday. At 10 EDT last night, Glenn Beck’s Twitter account sent this: Here’s what Soro’s says we should do: So, being a good libtard moonbat blogger I clicked … Continue reading

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Stupid in Alabama

The governor of our fair state has announced a 7.5% cut to the education budget for the coming year. And it’s not like school budgets weren’t already cut to the bone: In Sheffield, the cuts total $460,000. Chief School Financial … Continue reading

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Words Are Scary: Czars Edition

Since fearmongering depends on Teh Stupid™, unfamiliar words are easily demonized in the American mind. To the famous examples of madrassa and Hussein, we now add the word “czar.” “Czar” has everything you’d like in a scare word: foreign-ness, a … Continue reading

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