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The BBC Is Not Necessarily the Best Because It’s Live

The Olympics have started. That’s something that is never forgotten in England (as opposed to Great Britain) because England doesn’t have a national holiday where Englishness can be celebrated. It’s bad form to celebrate Englishness these days in Britain. Really, … Continue reading

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Arc de Triomphe a la Syria

Continuing violence and atrocities are obviating any peace initiative in Syria: France now says the Security Council should consider the use of force in Syria if a UN-backed peace plan proposed by international envoy Kofi Annan fails to stop the … Continue reading

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Does Anybody See Anything Wrong with This? Because I Don’t.

Zut alors! Gee, I remember learning that phrase back in the late 60s as a high school student learning French. I always wondered when or if I’d ever use it. When I got to college, learning proper French, I never … Continue reading

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Morning Notice

Sarkozy’s right-wing government tried immigrant hysteria as a foundation for local elections. It’s not working on the French: Polls showed that a majority of people initially supported having the discussion about national identity. But those numbers quickly reversed themselves as … Continue reading

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