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Teh Stupid™ Must Be Destroyed

I am dealing with wingnuts of left AND right persuasion all over my newest YouTube offer. My favorite so far: Wingnut: Why didnt the building come down in seconds like WTC buildings at 9/11. uummm thats weird. I guess the … Continue reading

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9/11 Truthers Need A New Spokesman

Wait…I got it. The Charlie Sheen frame-up was to make us all stop paying attention to Sheen over his twenty questions: I kid, I kid…Just demonstrating the Samsara of Wacky, ya’ll. In fact, the conspiracy would have to involve his … Continue reading

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I have yet to receive a response. Okay, call me cruel but I just had to poke the bull. Well, “sane” people? What do you think?

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Why Bachmann is a Soft Target

I was catching up with Bachmann news today when I came across an Andy Birkey story in the Minnesota Independent about her involvement with a Christian punk-rock organization that fools schools into thinking their program is secular, then springs all … Continue reading

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Krauthammer Invites Palin Cult Fury

I came across this op-ed by Charles Krauthammer on some right wing site: Let’s see if we can have a reasoned discussion about end-of-life counseling. We might start by asking Sarah Palin to leave the room. I’ve got nothing against … Continue reading

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Dear Gun Hugger

The wingnuttosphere is doing a pee-pee dance over MSNBC’s editing of an Arizona town hall gunman “to conceal his race.” But there are only two reasons to bring an assault rifle to a health care town hall meeting: either you … Continue reading

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Breitbart Stovepipes Teh Crazy™

I want some help figuring out why I keep getting mysterious forwards from a gun club in Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe Faux Noise can figure out what dire conspiracy keeps filling my inbox with the latest evidence of Obama’s secret, evil … Continue reading

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Yesterday I described what John Dingell ought to have done when confronted by a shouting constituent. In truth, I’ve been waiting for a Democrat to give America that “enough is enough” moment, and Barney Frank has finally delivered: Memorandum to … Continue reading

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Sarah’s Wacky™ Gives Conservatives Second Thoughts

Why is Sarah Palin suddenly changing the subject? Her latest Facebook missive is a tirade against cap-and-trade legislation. Her “sources” are the Heritage Foundation and her own previous op-ed. She’s going back to the previous fail to change the subject … Continue reading

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Another Palin Trifecta

Sarah Palin came out of her seclusion today to offer up another Trifecta to her Facebook fans. It’s a grand mélange of Teh Crazy™, Teh Stupid™, and Teh Wacky™, all delivered with that trademark of the fringe: the breathless sense … Continue reading

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Orly Taitz Deconstructed

This being a website of media deconstruction, I have developed a hypothesis that the entire canon of wingnuttia can be distilled into three overlapping and mutually-supporting parts: Teh Crazy™, Teh Wacky™, and Teh Stupid™. Definitions are still somewhat fluid at … Continue reading

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