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Morning Awful

Do you remember when the right erupted over the CBS docudrama about the Reagans? It turned out to be a somewhat oversimplified telling of St. Ronald as good-hearted, if slightly confused old man. This is brought to you by the … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

From yesterday’s Times Daily: In his forthcoming posthumous memoir, Ted Kennedy describes his actions in the 1969 Chappaquiddick accident as “inexcusable” and says that at the time he was afraid, overwhelmed “and made terrible decisions.” Writing that he lived with … Continue reading

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The Kennedy Character Assassination

Before Ted Kennedy was even in the ground, the conservative blogosphere was abuzz with an article in Forbes portraying the late senator as a Russian stooge — and of course, a pinko fellow-traveler by implication. Call it a posthumous character … Continue reading

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Kennedy Sweeps Michael Jackson from Headlines

Astounding. The passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, D-MA, has overwhelmed the Michael Jackson story. Who would have thought it possible? Predictably, the word “Chappaquiddick” dominates the wingnutosphere today: Mallard Fillmore “cartoonist” Bruce Tinsley, for whom Kennedy was a constant crutch, … Continue reading

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