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Nick Hanauer is Free

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Morning Awful: Free Nick Hanauer

So CEO, author, and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer apparently gave a TED talk on income inequality that isn’t being posted yet. National Journal reports on a hot potato: Hanauer’s talk “probably ranks as one of the most politically controversial talks … Continue reading

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The Grid of Tomorrow is No Grid

Nanomaterials will bring the next industrial revolution — and complete the transition of technology to the background, a la Star Trek, where we will hardly even think about it while being utterly dependent on it.

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Strategic Mosquito Defense Initiative

This is the weirdest video to come out of the TED conference: a sensing system that ID’s female mosquitoes and sizzles their wings off with a laser.

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Morning Video

Crows, it turns out, are scary-smart little buggers. This guy says we can train them to do all sorts of stuff:

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"Ted" the Comment Troll

I’ve had to enable comment moderation. I was hoping to avoid that for as long as possible, but as of this morning I discovered yet another batshit insane comment from a Blogspot spammer named “Ted” who thinks Obama’s middle name … Continue reading

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