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A Drone Named Curiosity

Think of remotely-programmed robots building a Mars base and a landing strip. The age of human space flight is nowhere near over, and a simple picture will describe the potential of robots to literally pave our way to the stars. … Continue reading

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Whale War Drones

Thought: take the crew out. Harden the nose. Aim at ramming speed for the factory ship, and you’d have a motorized trireme. You would also become a real, honest-to-godz pirate. While I certainly agree with the desire to stop whaling fleets from … Continue reading

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Strategic Mosquito Defense Initiative

This is the weirdest video to come out of the TED conference: a sensing system that ID’s female mosquitoes and sizzles their wings off with a laser.

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Artificial Robot Hand

All geeks on Twitter should follow @GreatDismal. He gives awesome linkage:

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