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Here He Comes To Do Jack Shiiiiiiiit

Underwear on the outside? You’re just lucky he remembered to do the fly up. Magic Love Hose is not a professional politician. You can trust him because of in spite of that. He has a website and a Twitter and … Continue reading

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Tim Profitt’s Lame Excuse

Tim Profitt, the man who stomped on activist Lauren Valle’s head, says he didn’t mean to do it and blames his disability. Regular readers know that I have severe lumbar damage that causes me agonizing bouts of pain on … Continue reading

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Tea Party Pyramid

The relationship between right-wing politics and network marketing finally gets some attention from Mother Jones: “Herbalife has virtually no customers and is not really in the direct selling business,” explains Robert FitzPatrick, an expert in pyramid schemes who was a witness … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Koch’s Suckers

Via Digby, the circle closes. The Kochs can no longer pretend they’re not behind the tea party “phenomenon.”

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Pass The Popcorn

In April of 2009, FOX News and the Republican Party both fed the flames of a new political movement. At the time, I warned: Like a mad scientist’s creation run amok, the beast that Dick Armey and his corporate sponsors … Continue reading

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Maine Tea Party Over? Never!

The Maine Patriots, 300 strong, are revolting. So what else is new? Like most right-wing movements, this one has gone fissiparous: I was cornered in the parking lot by 10+ people and told that bad things would happen to me … Continue reading

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Grady Warren Deconstructed

The congitive dissonance and psychological projection start right away: Barack Hussein Obama — mm, mm, mm! You’ve been called the chosen one, the messiah, an African god, a post-racial president, Barack the magic Negro. These are names thrown at him … Continue reading

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Bob Cesca Is My Hero

for making videos like this Alice-in-Wonderland sketch of the tea party: This blog has been a visual record of the rabbit-hole.

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Angle Angles For Memory Hole

This is the only past that has ever existed. First rule about the memory-hole? You don’t talk about the memory hole. Second rule about the memory hole? You do NOT talk about the memory hole.

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Playboy bags the Teabaggers

Playboy has an article written by a disgruntled ex-consultant for the Tea Party. FTFA, Teabagger secrets: There is an inner circle and if you are a Teabagger and you don’t know about it then you aren’t in it. Sarah Palin … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Borrows From Nixon

As Ms. Angle proves to be a pinata of goodies, the Kentucky tea party primary victor proves he can keep on gifting…and take a page from Nixon: (T)he news from the Bluegrass State (via “The Rush Limbaugh Show”) is that … Continue reading

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