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Alabama Republicans Raise Taxes on the Middle Class

So the new Republican legislative majority was swept into power by fed-up, anxious Alabamians and pledged to fill the state’s yawning budget hole. They didn’t do it by, say, raising taxes on out-of-state corporations and millionaires — oh no! The … Continue reading

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Don’t Tax Me, Bro

California has a budget problem. So does Alabama. I wish Trevor Stokes, writer at my local newspaper, could use boldface in print: Frustrated residents, about 40 strong, gathered Thursday to protest a proposed property tax increase that education officials hope … Continue reading

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Tax Day Blog

I’ll be covering an event within walking distance of my house today, carrying a US Army flag and recording the events for posterity. For me, tax day is a great day to be an American, and more so this year … Continue reading

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GOP Senator Offers To Raise Taxes

Your eyes do not deceive you. In making the case to delay health care reform, Senator Richard Lugar (R-IN) is willing to discuss a tax increase: “I believe there will be a separate accounting,” Lugar said. “I think we will … Continue reading

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Creationist Fail

Dinosaur Adventure Land, the creationist theme park in Florida where you can take your family to be indoctrinated into a Flintstones-based belief system, is being seized by the IRS after its founder-owners were convicted of tax fraud. Apparently, they thought … Continue reading

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Self-Defeat and Extremism

Here’s Dick Cheney last weekend. Pay very close attention to the last thing he says in the video: I have to hand the Brass Balls award to Cheney. Invoking World War II as an example of the need for spending … Continue reading

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Of Patriots and Taxes

Patriotism then: Patriotism now:

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