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Most Precise Bombing Campaign Ever

Marc Garlasco helped plan the shock and awe campaign in Iraq. As soon as the war ended, he went straight to the scene of devastation to work for Human Rights Watch, standing in places he’d destroyed to meet people impacted … Continue reading

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Winter Truce Talks with the Taliban

Without announcement, the CIA stopped carrying out drone strikes in Pakistan seven weeks ago. European allies are already endorsing peace talks with the Taliban. The president is signaling a prisoner transfer from Guantanamo to Afghanistan. The Muslim Brotherhood’s chief jurist, … Continue reading

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Afghanistan: Codes of Conduct

Two days after Tom Friedman claimed that terror groups face a backlash because of their tactics, Al-Jazeera reported that Taliban leadership is reining in the most aggressive tactics: Meanwhile, Hamid Kharzai — who is fighting for reelection — wants the … Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer

From Global Post: KABUL — Moderate leaders of the Taliban say they have quietly and steadily made progress in third-party talks between the active Taliban insurgency and representatives of the Afghan and U.S. governments. Two Taliban leaders — who held … Continue reading

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