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Dan Backer’s Revealing Victory Lap After McCutcheon v FEC Decision

Dan Backer’s Revealing Victory Lap After McCutcheon v FEC Decision (via Breitbart Unmasked) Dan Backer called into the Steve Malzberg Show yesterday to pat himself on the back for winning the McCutcheon v FEC decision in the Supreme Court. Backer … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Roberts Humor

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has “complete confidence” the judiciary can police itself for conflicts of interest. Isn’t that hilarious? “I have complete confidence in the capability of my colleagues to determine when recusal is warranted,” Roberts wrote … Continue reading

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The Umpire is Blind

The times we live in are a culmination of many long term and short term trends and events, and it’s a mistake to blame any one event. But if I had to pick one that rises above all others to define the current dysfunction of the U.S. political system, I would have to go with Bush vs. Gore. Continue reading

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Sessions Imitates George Wallace

When Jeff Sessions calls Thurgood Marshall a “liberal activist,” he’s pandering to the wackaloons of Alabama with the same rhetoric George Wallace used against Martin Luther King. He knows exactly what he’s doing — and it’s exactly what the right … Continue reading

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The Kagan Rollout

Hers was the first name floated after Stevens announced his retirement. Speculation held her preeminent last week, and the word went out Friday that she had the nod. The choice became official Sunday night; on Monday morning, Media Matters quashed … Continue reading

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Roberts Versus Robert: Fight!

The worst Chief Justice in the history of the court was apparently in my neck of the woods last night when he took a question about the SOTU: On the other hand, there is the issue of the setting, the … Continue reading

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Obama Birth Certificate Challenge Turned Down By Supreme Court

In yet another blow to the ongoing campaign to convince America that Barack Obama’s middle name is actually Nicolae Carpathia, the US Supreme Court has told a New Jersey crackpot that he cannot sue the president-elect on charges of gestational … Continue reading

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