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I never, ever talk about celebrity culture in this blog. Some friends tell me that’s a shortcoming, but I think of it as my own personal rejection of the Huffington Post formula. Nevertheless, I admit the news of Brad Pitt … Continue reading

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The MSM Stovepipe

We’ve seen this pattern before. A non-sourced, anonymous story enters the right-wing blogosphere and gets picked up by mainstream media, allowing the right to stovepipe their insanity. This one began with a post at the Chicago Tribune Swamp page: One … Continue reading

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The Permanent Campaign

Mark Bowden, author of Blackhawk Down, investigated the strange coincidence of all the TV networks having Sonya Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” speech cued up the instant her nomination was announced, finding that: The reporting we saw on TV and on the … Continue reading

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Breitbart Stovepipes Teh Crazy™

I want some help figuring out why I keep getting mysterious forwards from a gun club in Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe Faux Noise can figure out what dire conspiracy keeps filling my inbox with the latest evidence of Obama’s secret, evil … Continue reading

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9/11 and Obama’s Birth Certificate

Blogger Ben Cohen’s Thursday piece in the Huffington Post has drawn a lot of criticism — not because he calls the birthers racist, which they are; but because he claims the birthers and 9/11 “truth” conspiracy nuts are connected, which … Continue reading

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Wingnuts are Smart!

Michelle Malkin has gone birther: Has anyone seen it? Why shouldn’t the record be in the public domain for presidential candidates? It’s a real winner of an argument, isn’t it? “Why not show his birth certificate?” Of course, this is … Continue reading

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Stovepiping Teh Wacky™

Via Sadly, I have to agree with Zandar Versus The Stupid: the Republicans now openly and deliberately promote birther conspiracy. For those of you who missed Cheney’s virtuoso play to the fringe, here it is: Cheney backs away from … Continue reading

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Press Fail

When Mark Sanford got back from Argentina, he had lots of messages waiting from reporters. Here are a couple from David Gregory, inheritor of that televisual institution known as Meet The Press: Left you a message. Wanted you to hear … Continue reading

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The Cost of Nontroversy

Remember when I said that Big Media’s manufactured controversy over Obama’s use of new media was allowing the wingnuts to stovepipe their insanity? In a blog post titled “The Cost of Controlling the Press,” K. Daniel Glover complains that the … Continue reading

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The Hyperlink Age and Big Media

I’ve been posting lately on the failures of Big Media and their consequent resentment and jealousy of new media. Not only does this lead the MSM to manufacture controversy, it enables the right wing media machine to stovepipe their insanity. … Continue reading

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Sunday Sermon: Meet The Press

Last week saw a flurry of triumphal denunciations of Obama for “controlling” the questions at his health care town hall meeting. Tellingly, the attacks began before the town hall began. CBS News’ Chip Reid and Hearst News’ Helen Thomas tore … Continue reading

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