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Cheating Isn’t Cheating When the British Do It

The British love to paint the Americans as sore losers and whingers, but BBC’s coverage of the 2012 London Olympics proves that their sports coverage is just as puerile, dire and unprofessional as any political cable news broadcast in the … Continue reading

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Christina, You SUCK

Either that was the worst Superbowl National Anthem evahs, or she was channeling Maya Rudolph for some bizarre mockumentary. Videos below the fold for comparison…

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World Cup Nudity

All the new World Cup fans who watched Paraguay v Spain in hopes that Larissa Riquelme would celebrate a win by dashing naked across the field are moaning their disappointment  today over Spain’s 1-0 defeat of their hopes. Never fear: … Continue reading

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Football for Americans

The US lost to Ghana today. Those people are laughing at us. I say we nuke Ghana, that’ll show them. Let’s just nuke the FIFA stadium, too. We’re out so what do we care? They will never even hear the … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: the vuvuzela

You may not know the name, but if you’ve been watching the World Cup you have certainly heard the vuvuzela. It’s the thing that makes an annoying sound like a hive of angry hornets. FIFA considered banning them but the … Continue reading

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Who Dat?

For those unfamiliar with Who Dat, also known as Hu Dat, it is a form of voodoo associated with an NFL franchise famous for being losers. Needless to say, I have indulged in this religion from an early age because … Continue reading

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A League Of Their Own

If you haven’t heard, Dan “Moose” Lewis is planning to start a segregated basketball league. Comments at the white supremacist website Stormfront are universally in favor, but repellent rednecks may be in for disappointment: this is probably just an incredibly … Continue reading

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Football Notes

Halfway through the NFL season, the AFC has nothing on the NFC while the Saints and Vikings are in charge of the latter. The NFC title match will likely produce a Superbowl winner, and that game could very well be … Continue reading

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