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A Drone Named Curiosity

Think of remotely-programmed robots building a Mars base and a landing strip. The age of human space flight is nowhere near over, and a simple picture will describe the potential of robots to literally pave our way to the stars. … Continue reading

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Life on Mars

The debate last night included some astounding nonsense about the president’s space policy. Moreover, the remarks in question are counterfactual and dissonant. From the fast transcript, edited for coherence: Romney: Get rid of subsidies. I spent time with 8 people … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle: the Complete Missions

Can you pack thirty years of space flight history into eight minutes of video? At NASA, they’re always working on the cutting-edge, so the answer is yes.

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Are We Alone In The Universe? “Highly Unlikely”

It seems the universe may be full of earths. NewsHour’s Miles O’Brien: And that is such a significant moment, because, when you consider Kepler was looking at a little piece of our sky, one-four-hundredth of the nighttime sky, and in … Continue reading

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Watch This Space

While we were watching that shiny balloon last week, the internet was abuzz over the news that deep-space exploration just became much faster — and more likely. It’s what Zandar, Mighty Destroyer of Stupid, calls an “Epic Civ4 Technology Win.” … Continue reading

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Meeting Buzz Aldrin

I met Buzz Aldrin when I was six. Y’know, walked on the moon with Neal Armstrong? Seriously — I’m not making this up. He walked on the moon, it wasn’t faked, I promise. (Isn’t it a sad measure of our … Continue reading

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My colleague Bob Cesca marked the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 launch with video of the historic event. What did I do? Played the heck outta some Moon Lander! Subscribe in a reader

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