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The President Speaking Southern

Many thanks to Imani Gandy, the indomitable Angry Black Lady, herself – not only a fellow alumna of my alma mater, but the savviest of all political pundits about today. She pointed me in the direction of this. Jonathan Chait has … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell Lies About the Amurrcan Pipple

Mrs Greenspan interviewed the less-than-illustrious Governor of my home state today. That would be the lying, overzealous, Carpetbagging misogynist named Bob McDonnell, he who speaks with a Philadelphia accent and pretends to know and speak for all Virginians. I still … Continue reading

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Left Coast Bigotry

I watched Bill Maher’s show this week, and I was offended. I was and am offended by the level of ignorance that he imparts every week in making some sort of comment or observation about the South. Maher, like many … Continue reading

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Yankees, Please …

Like Charles Blow said in his column this weekend, and as I say regularly again and again, Southerners do not find caricature endearing. That’s a nice way of saying, we don’t much appreciate some short-vowelled Yankee wrinkling his nose up … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Still Doesn’t Get It Even in Real Time

This week’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher only re-enforced the notion of how enclosed Bill is in the privileged, little bubble of Beverly Hills, which is a sub-division of Left Coast Liberalism at its ugliest. People have accused … Continue reading

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Virginia Needs Her Krystal Ball

Lord, I hate to do this, but it’s time to call a daughter home to the Commonwealth. Especially since she has a job to do. I’m not talking about myself, although the Commonwealth has been screaming for me to come … Continue reading

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It’s Still Bigotry

The New York Times ran a very interesting story today about civility – or manners – being decidedly on the decline in the South – you know, that last bastion of hospitality. The article was insightful, but not half as … Continue reading

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More Southern Voices Contradict the Professional Left

Alan Jackson, Democrat, wrote a song two years ago about the effect corporations and their financed business entities were having on the rural and small-town South. It’s very poignant and conveys a strong message:- Jackson is from Georgia, a strong … Continue reading

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The Strange Story of Guy Hunt

Former Alabama governor Guy Hunt died yesterday. He was 75. In an odd convergence of history, his passing comes less than a day after Rod Blagojevich was impeached 59-0 by the Illinois Senate. For while countless press reports have mentioned … Continue reading

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