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“Dissonance” – a Parody Lyric

You’ll just have to sing it yourselves. Because I can’t sing. They nursed a grudge, ooh, over a night Were so sure they wanted him to go Aiming low…aiming low But soon he was down, soon he was low At … Continue reading

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Parody Power

One of my favorite bloggers, Bob Cesca, has done me the tremendous honor of posting my song parody on his front page. For me, this is a bit like a nod from the Pulitzer committee. It’s not a prize, exactly, … Continue reading

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The Troll Song

I hate trolls. No, that’s not strong enough… I despise comment trolls with the white-hot intensity of a thousand burning suns. Few things actually propel me to murderous intention. Comment trolling is one of them. Today, a comment troll popped … Continue reading

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