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Football is Progressive

I have to hand it to Bill Maher on this one: football is the most progressive sport ever, and the perfect rejoinder to anyone who tells you that socialism is un-American, or that it doesn’t work. It also proves that … Continue reading

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A Long, Hard Time

Published in the Times Daily today: Inaction is the stock Republican solution to economic disaster. Public spending on jobs and infrastructure is a sacrilege against the holy invisible hand. When soup kitchens close their doors for lack of funds, leaving … Continue reading

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Don’t Bail Out Detroit. Buy It

Regular readers know my penchant for counter-intuitive thinking. Contrast the prospect of a $25-50 billion bailout of the auto industry with the market capitalization of all three automakers put together: about seven billion. That’s right — put together, the Big … Continue reading

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Wingnut Robot Pwned!

I’m glad this interview happened. Not only did Joe Biden have an opportunity to demolish the ‘Socialist’ theme, he demonstrated the proper reaction to an ambush: fight your way through. He completely turned the tables on this talking-point dispensing robot.

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