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Cancer Truthers Become Kiddie Porn Defenders

After a period of relative silence in the wake of the Cancer Truthers post, several proud participants in the @Shoq Twitter brigade have fallen all over themselves to attack the cat again over The William Talley Burn Notice. Because for … Continue reading

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The Brett Kimberlin Free Association Game

As I keep saying, last June a gang of Breitbart goons came into my Twitter timeline trying to push an absurd story about Brett Kimberlin into a story I was telling about Jason Wade Taylor, a con artist who had … Continue reading

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Cancer Truthers Demand Long-Form Diagnosis Certificate

UPDATE: After more thorough research (made difficult by the fact that many of the principals have blocked me), I have removed a few tweets from the Chirpstory. (Frankly, I find it ironic that so many people would want to distance … Continue reading

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The Streisand Effect: Synopsis of a Twitter Drama

The Streisand Effect (WikiPedia) is “the phenomenon whereby an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely, usually facilitated by the Internet.” Rather than seek forgiveness, Imani Gandy and … Continue reading

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The Smoking Gun: Imani Gandy Rejects Your Reality And Substitutes Her Own

Given how much I’ve written about the role of Heather Chase in the release of StopRush internal communications to Jason Wade Taylor, it’s now time to ask what responsibility Imani Gandy aka @AngryBlackLady bears in the “Randy Hahn” fiasco. Below … Continue reading

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Everyone Is Abusing Heather Chase Now (Except Lee Stranahan)

Bullshit is an art created through four distinct stages: invention, inflation, conflation, and convolution. The last is perhaps the most important, as the outside observer must contend with such a tangle of lies and half-truths that they generally give up … Continue reading

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See What You Made Heather Chase Do?!

The following update has been added to The @Shoq Twitter Brigade Burn Notice. Rather than start with an apology to the many progressive men and women she has thrown under the bus, Heather Chase opens her respondent epistle (.PDF) with … Continue reading

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Thunderdome and Chainsaws

Once upon a time, I made a friend on Twitter who seemed to share my feelings about the ridiculously outgrown political power of right wing culture warriors. Now it is suddenly 1985 again, and I am arguing with a Junior … Continue reading

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Asking Questions Like a Journalist Does

There was a lot of very silly noise on Twitter last night over an email I sent to @vdaze asking her to clarify some key points about a controversy that has divided progressives on Twitter for months. In the news … Continue reading

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Will the FBI Now Investigate @Shoq and @OsborneInk’s “Harassment” of @AngryBlackLady?

But… but… but I thought this whole ordeal was about @Shoq verbally abusing @vdaze in an 8-month old voicemail. Did something change? As I carefully illustrated this week, and @vdaze confirmed with her FBI ploy, there are indeed other tensions in … Continue reading

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