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Random Insanity

Man shoots at middle-schoolers, gets tackled by teachers. The entire paranoid basis of right-wing gun culture debunked in one incident by one person who, for whatever reason, thought shooting kids was okay. I can’t wait to find out who this … Continue reading

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Fort Carson

This is infuriating: In the six years since combat operations began in Iraq, Fort Carson — the country’s third-largest Army base, with 22,000 active soldiers on duty — has become its own kind of killing field. Before Kevin Shields was … Continue reading

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No, Don’t Investigate Hood Yet

Obama says Congress should hold off on doing an investigation of the Fort Hood massacre, and I quite agree. Wait to see what the Army does. This is the Army’s mess to clean up, they’re the first ones who should … Continue reading

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Dear Major Keller

Sir, I just read your rant at Real Clear Politics, and I don’t imagine it will help your career; the Army doesn’t have time for bullshit identity politics, much less trash like this: Jihadist rhetoric espoused by Hasan was categorically … Continue reading

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John Allen Mohammed Checks Out

I was in uniform and among a small crowd of very motivated soldiers when it was announced that Timothy McVeigh had been put to death. The sound we made was something like the Spartans responding to Leonidas in 300. Soldiers … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Tell you what, Mr. Fischer — since my own service disability was caused by a suicidal Christian from Missouri, let’s ban all Christians from driving military vehicles until such time as we can perfect the “suicidal Christian” detector. That way … Continue reading

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Fort Hood

Details are few and sketchy as I type this, but at least seven are dead and 12 wounded after a shootout in Fort Hood, Texas. One shooter is in custody and MPs are looking for a second shooter. This brings … Continue reading

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They’ve Already Lost

I can’t say it any better than Chez Pazienza: “It’s too late for opponents of gay marriage; they’ve already lost. The genie is out of the bottle, he’s fabulously dressed, and there’s no putting him back in.” Here’s Iowa State … Continue reading

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