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Football And American Social Change

Overt racism and segregation died when Paul Bear Bryant announced he would no longer coach a segregated team in 1971. By the following year, the entire SEC was integrated, and George Wallace had opened up state government to African Americans … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Closet Romney

False compassion is always dissonant. Mitt Romney says same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children, but they should not be married. See, the important thing is that every child be raised by one man and one woman, even if … Continue reading

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Marriage Is a Civil Union, Mrs Greenspan

I am pretty damned angry that various demographics amongst those who call themselves “Progressives” are allowing themselves to be led down the Primrose Path (that’s red, as in Republican) to divisiveness and unnecessary bickering just at a time when the … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: North Carolina

I’m going lose my cool today. It will happen as soon as I see one more dissatisfied “progressive” bemoan the relative slow pace of President Obama’s “evolution” on marriage equality. Like too many states, North Carolina is actually going backwards. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: South Carolina Stockholm Syndrome

In its most bizarre manifestation, the Republican war on women shows up in the cognitive dissonance of female Republicans. Here’s South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on The View yesterday, via ThinkProgress: Remember, Haley also denies that her state’s voter ID … Continue reading

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Canadian Court Decriminalizes Sex Work

The basic problem with criminalized sex work is that it mostly harms the workers, not those who exploit them. A Canadian appeals court has determined that this arrangement is unconstitutional.

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UPDATE: Reuben Lack: Hero to Zero?

The Alpharetta, GA teenager (pictured right) was elected student body president and tried to hold a debate — that’s all, a debate — on making the campus more friendly to gay and lesbian students. This was too much for the … Continue reading

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Bill Maher Still Doesn’t Get It Even in Real Time

This week’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher only re-enforced the notion of how enclosed Bill is in the privileged, little bubble of Beverly Hills, which is a sub-division of Left Coast Liberalism at its ugliest. People have accused … Continue reading

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Sex, Drugs, Rock’n Roll … and Democrats

In the end, the Election of 2012 will not be remembered as the one fought on the economy or on immigration issues or even healthcare. This election is all about sex and its place in our lives, specifically what sex … Continue reading

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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