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Morning Awful: Ann Coulter Knows Who Is Really Black

I’m increasingly bullish on Herman Cain because he makes people like mAnn Coulter enact a sort of unintentional surrealist comedy.

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Hannity Does Not Support Our Troops

Your daily dose of irony: a conservative blogger named Debbie Schlussel has uncovered some tricky finances at Sean Hannity’s “charity:” I discovered that Freedom Alliance gives very little money to the children of slain troops to pay for college and … Continue reading

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No Scalp for Hannity

Poor Sean Hannity. Trying to keep up with Beck is so hard, and his first attempted scalping has gone horribly wrong. First he was thoroughly debunked by ThinkProgress and MediaMatters, then George Stephanopoulis called out the nontroversy on Hannity’s show … Continue reading

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Jennings Nontroversy

Sean Hannity is making this up. Not a word of what follows is true. It’s been completely and thoroughly debunked: Hannity’s adventure in scalp-hunting is deeply ironic, given that he’s far closer to white supremacists than Jennings is to NAMBLA. … Continue reading

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Wing Nut Daily Watch

Joseph Farah, the founder, editor, and CEO of World Net Wing Nut Daily has endorsed Sean Hannity for president: Hannity has made many friends in his careers in radio and TV. That is important because he can be a uniter, … Continue reading

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Faux Edit™

Via ABC: Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz published an op-ed today in which Aluf Benn wrote of the deteriorating relationship between Israeli PM Netanyahu and Obama thusly: A photo released by the White House, which shows Obama talking on the phone with … Continue reading

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Waterboard Hannity!

So even after the Mancow video, Sean Hannity still won’t call waterboarding “torture:” Keith Olbermann shouldn’t let Hannity off the hook anymore. In fact, it’s time for a national website: “” to raise money for soldier’s charities in the event … Continue reading

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