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The Death Maiden

Sundari had a mental habit of ignoring entire worlds while pondering the more arcane facts of their biology, so she did not hear the song until her hair was washed. She was wrapping it in a towel and walking barefoot … Continue reading

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Are We Alone In The Universe? “Highly Unlikely”

It seems the universe may be full of earths. NewsHour’s Miles O’Brien: And that is such a significant moment, because, when you consider Kepler was looking at a little piece of our sky, one-four-hundredth of the nighttime sky, and in … Continue reading

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Predatory Previews

The new Predators movie is much more like the 1990s comic book series than the cinematic craptaculars that have assaulted the moviegoing public since Predator II. This flick has had positive reviews and the preview actually makes me want to … Continue reading

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Warhammer 40K On YouTube

Games Workshop has the right idea. Video game crossover is a great idea for a tabletop game this cool. So is YouTube marketing: They do a lot of their marketing through YouTube: The milieu comes complete with pulp fiction populating … Continue reading

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Shatnerday “Tik Tok”

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The Singularity Will Cause Cancer

By Captain Coolaid Technology exceeded our ability to adapt to it shortly after the industrial revolution. The Singularity is about technology advancing beyond our ability to even imagine the future. If you need to know more about it then check … Continue reading

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Star Trek V Director’s Cut?

No, I am not making that up: Star Trek V The Final Frontier remains to many Trek fans the movie franchise’s ‘disappointing failure’. But as originnally (sic) imagined and filmed by director William Shatner, The Final Frontier was to be … Continue reading

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Dear David Weber

Sir, Thanks for keeping me entertained during the sheer boredom of a tank table. My copy of Honor of the Queen still smells like Kuwait. I am pleased with the first two chapters of your next book, Mission of Honor, … Continue reading

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A Sequel That Won’t Kill Childhoods?

TRON may be the rarest of sequels: one honoring both the audience’s childhood and the gap of actual time. (Or maybe Disney’s found a way to screw up that they’re not showing me in the preview; the latter has proven … Continue reading

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Uncanny Aliens

I’ve long held that intelligent alien life would probably resemble us pretty closely. The laws of physics being the same everywhere, some forms of life are just too limited: fish-people would be unable to use fire and discover chemistry, for … Continue reading

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Will Google Books Kill The Novelist?

I sincerely doubt it. Writers who wish their work to live in perpetual print, but only if it comes through approved agencies and paid royalties — all long after they have died — annoy the ever-living crap out of me. … Continue reading

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