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A Drone Named Curiosity

Think of remotely-programmed robots building a Mars base and a landing strip. The age of human space flight is nowhere near over, and a simple picture will describe the potential of robots to literally pave our way to the stars. … Continue reading

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The Politics of Dredd

The clock is ticking down, and this fan is ready with the popcorn. As I have tried to emphasize in previous posts, the world of Judge Dredd has always fascinated me as a commentary on authority versus authoritarianism in a … Continue reading

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Judging Dredd

While taking a vacation recently, I managed to let the new Judge Dredd trailer slip by unnoted. You can see now why I waited for the broad vista of the mega-city to appear before making any judgments from those early … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: World’s Dumbest Poll

A supermajority of Americans judge President Obama capable of waging Independence Day warfare to defend the nation against alien attack. Karoli gave this a proper takedown at Crooks & Liars recently; it is entertainment bordering on science fiction, but packaged as news. … Continue reading

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Prometheus Unlocked (SPOILERS)

I have seen many reviews of Prometheus, but very few good ones. Most professional reviewers do not fall into the demographic that best understands the film. So far, the most eager fans of the movie that I’ve met have been … Continue reading

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Why Mass Effect is a Parable About Climate Change

This post is going to have spoilers, including for the ending to Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect is my current science fictional obsession. I buttoned down and got an Xbox 360 solely for it in 2007; I wound up re-buying … Continue reading

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The Second Thing We’d Do If We Met Aliens

Here’s the essay. Not kidding about panel #4. Third game due out March 6th. I’ll basically stop existing past that point. Everyone’s fine with that, right?

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Better Dredd Than Dead!

This quote from Karl Urban, actor currently in post-production as the title character in a new cinematic version of Judge Dredd, my favorite comic book, is music to my fanboy ears: If anyone is familiar with Dredd, over the years there are … Continue reading

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Saturday Afternoon TV: Cyberpunk

The cyberpunk genre had a remarkably-short shelf-life. Within a decade of its inauguration by writers like William Gibson, who coined the term “cyberspace,” cyberpunk had ceased to be fiction and become the news. Yet science fiction wrestled with the issues … Continue reading

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Another Reason To Hate France

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the French Empire has returned triumphant of late, France is also responsible for this disco-themed atrocity that assaulted my eyeballs on Reddit last night. Good thing de Gaulle developed nuclear weapons; his country … Continue reading

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Death Star Programmatics

Lt. Col. Dan Ward, US Air Force, has made an important contribution to fanboydom. Don’t Come to the Dark Side: Acquisition Lessons from a Galaxy Far, Far Away is also a great introduction to the pitfalls of military program management: In the … Continue reading

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