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Quantum Cryptography

Before you lose your mind over the possibility that the NSA will hack your medical records with a quantum computer, just remember that quantum cryptography is a real thing, too. Luddite paranoia about technology “informs” the majority of linkbaiting and … Continue reading

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A Drone Named Curiosity

Think of remotely-programmed robots building a Mars base and a landing strip. The age of human space flight is nowhere near over, and a simple picture will describe the potential of robots to literally pave our way to the stars. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Climate Feedback

Researchers at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks (UAF) have found melting permafrost releasing methane into the atmosphere: Using aerial and ground-based surveys, the team identified about 150,000 methane seeps in Alaska and Greenland in lakes along the margins of ice cover. … Continue reading

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Awesome Technology of the Week

The wind farm of the future is not a turbine, but a stalk. One that lights up at night, stands 180-feet high, and has a concrete base 33 to 66 feet wide. Discovery News: The carbon-fiber stalks, reinforced with resin, … Continue reading

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Periodic Table of Cupcakes

Via Reddit. You can see more of the awesomeness here. Magic Love Hose is off today.

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Science is Yummy

When unmanned pizza delivery drones show up, I will start a charity to buy pizza for everyone in war zones. The Million Meat-Lover’s March. You wait and see.

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Tsunami Clouds

This was taken in Tuscaloosa just a few days ago. “The breaking waveforms of ‘Kelv-Helmz’ (as they aren’t known) are the result of shearing winds up at cloud level. A particular type of turbulence can develop in a layer of … Continue reading

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An Explanation of Curse Words

Hank Green expounds on the evolutionary psychology of swearing. I can testify to the fact that it makes pain more endurable, which is why people react to unexpected pain out loud.

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Material Science is Awesome

This new technology looks like something that came off a flying saucer. But like mylar, velcro, nylon, and other products that have revolutionized our world, it’s merely the work of curious primates.

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Failure Is An Option

Anticipating a probable supercommittee fail, I checked teh googles today and found an eerily appropriate video offering a scientific look at failure. For “hypothesis,” substitute “legislation;” for “data,” substitute “votes in Congress;” for an emerging innovation, substitute political movement.

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The Grid of Tomorrow is No Grid

Nanomaterials will bring the next industrial revolution — and complete the transition of technology to the background, a la Star Trek, where we will hardly even think about it while being utterly dependent on it.

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