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Dictators Club

This is an ad from a South African chicken restaurant that catches the flavor of our dictator-disposing times. The man here is modeled on Robert Mugabe, dictator of Zimbabwe. This was so controversial that it got pulled from the airwaves.

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Cat Videos Will Rule The World

A spoof that nails both the fad-driven ad industry and the LOLcat phenomenon. Via Reddit.

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Irish Gang Humor

It took me a minute to figure out how I felt about this.

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This Does Not Make Me Want to Join the Marines

Supposedly, this video was supposed to attract modern youth like an R-rated, “red band” movie trailer, but got rejected by the USMC for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, that story is very likely untrue and this video, like the Harding Institute that … Continue reading

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Meet the Press: an Obituary

The longest-running show in the history of broadcast television passed on yesterday. It was 62. Meet the Press began as radio promotion for a now-defunct magazine. Orphaned from its radio network, the show was adopted by NBC, where it would … Continue reading

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