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Ukraine Leader Says Russia Wants To Set Southeast ‘On Fire’

Ukraine leader says Russia wants to set southeast ‘on fire’ (via AFP) Ukraine’s Western-backed leader on Tuesday accused Russia of trying to enflame the country’s southeast but said he would proceed cautiously against pro-Kremlin militias consolidating control in the volatile … Continue reading

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Ukraine: Everyone Has An Agenda At The End Of The World

Politics start at the water’s edge, they say, and it seems as if everyone has an agenda at the end of the world. Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Russia’s “Last Chance” in Syria

Russia was one of the two UN Security Council members responsible for greenlighting the Assad regime’s crackdown on dissidents. Now Russia is reportedly losing patience with the ongoing massacres, as if they couldn’t see this coming: “This may be the … Continue reading

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Arms Control: “Breakthrough in Months”

Another one for the “just like Bush” folder! From the AFP: WASHINGTON — The United States and Russia have reached an “agreement in principle” to slash their nuclear weapons stockpiles, the first such pact in nearly two decades, the Wall … Continue reading

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Russian Submarine Panic

The hoopla over Russian submarines patrolling off our coast is silly. Firstly because it’s not as if we didn’t have this sort of thing coming: Bush armed and trained Georgia, which began shooting artillery at Russian troops, killing dozens. Russia … Continue reading

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Globalization in a Photo

This might be one of the best visual aids I’ve ever had for the subject of Globalization. It’s part of an online collection by Russian photographer Petrosian: Notice the high-tech bridge being assembled. Such suspension bridges are everywhere these days, … Continue reading

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The Great Wall of Technology

Many years ago, Berke Breathed’s wonderful cartoon strip Bloom County proposed that America would be better off sewing a trillion dollar bills into a giant, orbiting net instead of trying to knock down missiles with missiles. While I appreciate the … Continue reading

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