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The Liberal Argument Against Immigration

I know … We’re the side who’s supposed to be for immigration, but if we ever needed an argument against this, here are two of the best reasons why it’s not really smart to just let anyone in the country:- … Continue reading

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Niceness Up 40%

Borrowed from Left in Alabama, featuring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry satirizing It’s A Wonderful Life, here’s a BBC sketch from 1995 that imagines the world without Rupert Murdoch.

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Obama Versus Teh Librul Media™

The New York Post caught this photo of the president getting into a Secret Service vehicle with a copy of this month’s GQ Magazine. It happens that the president’s face is on the cover. The picture showed up on Inside … Continue reading

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Yes, News Corp, Go Behind That Paywall

It’s the best idea I’ve heard in ages: Rupert Murdoch wants to de-index from Google (which is less complicated than it sounds; you just insert a tiny string of HTML code) and go behind a paywall so that we rubes … Continue reading

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One Degree of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck connecting the dots, via Bob Cesca’s GDAB: “Six Degrees of Glenn Beck” could be a fun game, too! Let me see…he works for Rupert Murdoch. You know, this guy: And Rupert, of course, has extensive connections with communists … Continue reading

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