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Ronald Reagan Proves a Point

By Emilia1956 My late father, who was Southern, a Democrat, liberal and a union supporter, always left me with a warning about politics: “Move too far to the Left, and you’ll come out on the Right.” Folks, here’s the absolute … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Zombie Reagan

This is one legacy that must fade. A flashback post below the fold…

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Flashback to Cold War

Some Reagan-era propaganda for your consideration: Nothing Reagan says about the balance of nuclear forces was ever remotely true, nor were the Soviets ever in a first-strike kind of mood. What? You think Iraq was the first time a Republican … Continue reading

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Why The Wall Came Down

Today is the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down, and predictably the right is congratulating itself for Reagan’s victory in the Cold War. Which is ironic, since Reagan had so little to do with it. Essentially, the Reagan … Continue reading

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When Republicans "Cannot Recall"

What is it with Republicans who “cannot recall” things? Reagan used the phrase when denying Ollie North. Larry Craig used it denying his wide stance was an invitation to gay bathroom sex. Now it turns out Cheney used the phrase … Continue reading

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The New Republican Base

Whenever Republicans embrace Teh Wacky™, which demographic are they speaking to? Luck has brought me a comment troll to provide a clinic. Lately, I’ve been getting several long, rambling comments from ‘Anonymous.’ I feel they are worthy of detailed deconstruction … Continue reading

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Hurricane Obama

Faith holds. This storm brings more than destruction. Water and wind bring renewal, baptism, and change. No levee can withstand the flood of time. Entropy is a universal constant and history is an irresistible force. Barack Obama is beneficiary of … Continue reading

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