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How Ron Paulites Respond to Criticism

By creating botnets to downvote critics of their savior, because, you know, freedom. St. Paul is a cult figure, and their faith in him can rationalize all manner of hypocrisies — because, you know, end the wars and all that. … Continue reading

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Morning Awful: Saint Paul

The man who would do away with the Civil Rights Act, the 14th Amendment, Roe v Wade, and the Federal Reserve refuses to give up on his quixotic quest to save the GOP from itself: “The truth is, I’m trying … Continue reading

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Not Quite Getting There about Ron Paul

Well, Romney’s taken Nevada, and Ron Paul’s still standing. The reason he’s still standing, largely, is due to the short-term memory on the part of the media. Most recently, Ron Paul played the part of the smiling, shucksy, old-fashioned country … Continue reading

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There Are No Words

No captions today. None needed.

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Ron Paul Should Stop Before He Hurts Himself

Final word about last night’s Republican debate: Ron Paul was utterly dissonant and actually incoherent. A few more debates and mainstream discourse will see Admiral Stockdale references; why is this man here? It is time for this farce to end. … Continue reading

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Wall Street is Technically a Street in America

So I guess we can’t call this a gaffe from Mitt Romney. Nor is it a laugh line, because it isn’t funny. Mitt Romney is American street the way Hot Topic is punk: through plasticity, monoculture, and artifice. Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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End The War On Fear Gas

There is corruption in the government and the government is far less responsive than it ought to be; destroying it would cause untold suffering worldwide and within its borders. Both these things are true.

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Professional Left, Please Stop Pushing Ron Paul!

By Emilia1956 The Guardian has taken some seriously stupid pills. I love it when Brits try to opine about US politics, none moreso than the insipid Matt Seaton, who’s the US Comment Is Free editor for that paper. (Remember, he’s … Continue reading

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Two Songs and a Few Home Truths for the Professional Left and Their Followers

By Emilia1956 This is for the Progressive Left. Sit back, pour yourself some Chardonnay and listen, listen to the words of the divine George Benson:- Now, think about those words and what the singer is singing about. While you’re thinking … Continue reading

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Will Hayes Own Up?

By Emilia1956 It might be harmful to your health supporting the President. Already his supporters have been identified as the dumbest motherfuckers in the world by Jane Hamsher, GOP trolls paid by Andrew Breitbart by Joan Walsh, and now it … Continue reading

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Choose Your Own Iowa Adventure!

Yes, I know I’m ripping off a two decades old Doonesbury here. Everybody rips off Doonesbury. By Magic Love Hose. Talk to him here!

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