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Silenced Warning: Former DHS Analyst Daryl Johnson

As the former DHS employee responsible for an accurate report on right wing violence that blew up the wingnutosphere with fake outrage, Johnson reminds me of Richard Clarke, another terror expert whose advice was ignored and despised. It will probably … Continue reading

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Don’t Tax Me, Bro

California has a budget problem. So does Alabama. I wish Trevor Stokes, writer at my local newspaper, could use boldface in print: Frustrated residents, about 40 strong, gathered Thursday to protest a proposed property tax increase that education officials hope … Continue reading

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Morning Awful

Someone alert the FBI, because this sounds like an incitement to crime: Really?  A guy who sets his house on fire with his wife and kids inside it and then flies his $30,000 airplane into an IRS building to kill … Continue reading

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Letter to the Editor

This ran today. To the Editor: Recently, the Department of Homeland Security warned that right-wing domestic terrorists are a renewed threat. History would suggest we heed the warning. Timothy McVeigh set off a truckload of explosives outside a day care … Continue reading

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