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Shelby Is Chaff

My Senator (he says with a sigh) is planning to “run out the clock” on financial reform. The American Banking Association calls it good strategy: “And from the Republicans’ point of view, every week that passes is, say, Senator Shelby, … Continue reading

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Wheat From Chaff: A Visual

Republicans have blinked on appointments. The wheat-from-chaff technique requires a hard shake every now and then: “Mitch, this is unprecedented,” the president said, gesturing forcefully on the Cabinet Room table, according to aides. “If you don’t move any, I’m going … Continue reading

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Richard Shelby

I’ll give Jeff Sessions credit: he at least wrote back to me about his gang-rape vote. Richard Shelby, on the other hand, has yet to acknowledge the complaint. Now Shelby’s put an unprecedented “blanket hold” on 70 Obama nominees, and … Continue reading

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The South Shall Lose Again

Today, Left In Alabama notes an incredible miscalculation by the GOP. For not only have the Republicans lost America, they are losing the south. Admitted that voting patterns seem to show a different story (white southerners turned out in droves … Continue reading

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